Mithun Singh

Hello, it me.
I am not older than Pong.

(this is something one of my previous managers had the status on the company im tool for as long as I could remember, but he was older.

I just think it is a nice demarcation in generations of video games, as it is one of the earliest arcade video games after all and nothing was same after Pong or so I have been told.

For me personally the generation defining video-game would always be Prince-of-Persia


  • Currently a Lead SRE at one of those big banks that you hear about every day in the news.
  • I have been a back-end developer (java, c#, golang, python) for as long as I could remember.
  • Love to tinker with some raspberry pi’s (I do have an obligatory homelab setup using a rpi rack of sorts <remind-myself-to-insert-link-here-later>.